About Carli

Hi, my name is Carli Lyn! I’m just your average every-day, twenty-something grandma. I love to sleep, eat, watch game shows and cuddle with my dogs.

I have two furry children, Patience & Graci. Yes, they are dogs, & yes they are my children. #prouddogmom

Patience is more than just a dog, she’s my service dog and sassy partner in crime. She helps me with simple everyday things and helps take the focus off of my disability.

Speaking of disabilities… I live with one of the rarest genetic disorders in the world or Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressive, but we’ll just call it FOP. The disease is 1 in 2 million, so I’m kind of a big deal. Learn more by reading Living with a Rare Disease.

Living life with this conditions and society’s predetermined stereotype with be the focus of my blog.

 But enough of the heavy stuff, let’s get to know Carli Lyn. Here are 10 things you must know about me:

1.    I have more determination than most. I like to prove people wrong as much as possible. If you tell me I can’t do something I’m going to figure out a way to do it. I treasure the independence that I have & will do everything in my power to remain as independent as possible.

2.    Flamingos are my spirit animal. I love everything they represent for me. Because of how my hip was previously locked, I used to stand like one, which is clearly why I relate to them. See Stand Tall, Stand Out, & Don’t Give A Flock

3.    I hate odd numbers. Everything has to be on an even number, like the volume on the TV or in the car. And yes, I consider 5 to be a semi-even number.

4.    I am overly organized. I have three different planners, four different calendars and sticky notes everywhere. Everything has a place, every appointment must be accounted for (multiple times), and everything must be documented.

5.    I love Target! I’s a major obsession and I’ll have an anxiety attack if I don’t get to go enough (I wish I was kidding). Seriously, who doesn’t love a store that has everything?!

6.    I love social media and if you ask my boyfriend, I’m obsessed with it. Instagram is by far my favorite.

7.    I am a die-hard Cardinals Baseball Fan. I watch almost every game and follow the team religiously. Opening Day is my favorite holiday & baseball is my favorite season!

8.    I have an addiction to Unsweetened Ice Tea. I can’t function without at least one cup of [Bread Co] tea before I start my day.

9.    I’m the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet. I literally eat about eight things. It’s a running joke with my friends and family, but you literally can’t pay me to try things (but I’m working on it….). Also, you won’t find me anywhere near a kitchen. I don’t like or enjoy anything about cooking.

10.  I am not a night person, nor am I a morning person. I love to sleep. I cannot function without it. I will make the Grinch look like the nicest person in town if I don’t get at least nine hours a night, don’t test me.