5 Questions to Never Ask Someone with a Rare Disease

  1. How did you even get out of bed?

I don’t know Norman, maybe because I have to.

  1. Are you any pain?

Nope, absolutely none Bertha… *insert eye roll*

  1. But you don’t look disabled?

    Well, you don’t look stupid Agnes, and yet, here we are.

  1. But wait, how’d you do that? You can’t do that?

Watch me, Alvin.

  1. Have you tried *insert medicine name here*? It’ll help, I promise.

When did you go to medical school, Debra? I’m pretty sure my 19 pills a day are the         best since you know a licensed doctor, who knows all about my condition is better suited for this decision.

Published by carlilyn.blog

I'm a 23 year old grandma. I love online shopping, dogs, naps & the MLB. I'm just here to find my place in this crazy world [of blogging]. Oh yeah, and I have a FOP, a rare disease that is causing me to grow a second skeleton.

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