Stand Tall, Stand Out, & Don’t Give a Flock

Flamingos are my spirit animal, and for most that just means it’s their favorite animal and they kind of act like that animal, but for me, it goes way further than that.

Flamingos balance on one leg, stand out, and don’t give a single flock. Flamingos represent my life.

I can’t stand tall, FOP took that away from me at the age of 7. My right hip is fused, so I walk really weird and on my toes. By 8, I was too big for my mom to carry (but boy did she try, and still would if I let her, but I don’t). So, I had to figure something out, and quick, so I learned to balance. I balance like a flamingo. Right foot down, left foot bent, & for me it works wonders. I can balance like a flamingo forever (well, until my legs give out, but you get the point).  Flamingos stand tall no matter what, and so do I. Like everything in my life, I learned to face the adversity, and stool tall. I faced whatever life threw my way with little grace, but my head held high.

Being 1 in 2 million, clearly, I was born to stand out. If you look for me in a crowd I’m easy to spot; lots of bone, out of breath, little big toes, and usually on six wheels and with a service dog. I’m the flamingo in a flock of pigeons, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Flamingos don’t give a single flock, and neither do I. I’m constantly facing different challenges and opinions, and over the years I’ve learn the most important lesson, follow whatever’s best for you, and tell the others to flock off (seriously, it works wonders).

So next time you see a flamingo, think of me (& send me a picture).

PS: My life goal is go to Flamingo Beach and be with my people… If you have connections hook a girl up, because I need to be with my people.


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I'm a 23 year old grandma. I love online shopping, dogs, naps & the MLB. I'm just here to find my place in this crazy world [of blogging]. Oh yeah, and I have a FOP, a rare disease that is causing me to grow a second skeleton.

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