6 Things That Are 1 in 2 Million- Just like me!

Happy Rare Disease Day! Just like everything rare, the day is usually celebrated on February 29th (because, duh, it’s rare), but we’ll settle for 2/28 most years.

Here are 6 Things that have a 1 in 2 million chance of happening:

  1. Sharing a Leap Day Birthday with your Mom
  2. Being killed by lighting
  3. Catching a Blue Lobster
  4. Being killed in a tornado
  5. Being killed by falling out of bed
  6. Having Identical Triplets

Sure, you’ve heard of One in a Million, but I’m even more rare, so today we celebrate the rarities in life, like me.

So cheers to being 1 in 2 million!

Published by carlilyn.blog

I'm a 23 year old grandma. I love online shopping, dogs, naps & the MLB. I'm just here to find my place in this crazy world [of blogging]. Oh yeah, and I have a FOP, a rare disease that is causing me to grow a second skeleton.

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