Chapter 1 (0-5)

When I was born, I was perfectly normal child… Well expect for my big toes. The doctor said I was fine, so life went on for my little family of three. Then a couple years past and my mom took me to the podiatrist, again with the same result- I’m fine, I just have little big toes. So again, life went on. By age three I played five different sports- swim, dance, gymnastics, soccer, and t-ball- and still by the end of the day, I wasn’t tired. I was always keeping my parent’s on their toes, and kept them wondering how the hell to wear me out. When I wasn’t running around between different sports, I was in the backyard swimming in the pool, or if you ask my dad, I was getting my daily bath.

Like any other five-year-old, I was getting ready to start kindergarten, and even though Mom was a mess, it wasn’t much different for me. Although I was TERRIFIED of change (still am), going to school wasn’t a huge deal, because I was in daycare from the time I was six months old. Luckily for me, I was blessed with the most amazing kindergarten (and then first grade) teacher, and it made the transition SOOOOO much easier, and suddenly, I wasn’t scared anymore.

But, a month into school I got the most terrifying news, I had a very rare, very invasive bone disease that was slowly causing my body to grow another skeleton. But I quickly realized I wasn’t going to let FOP slow me down or get in the way of my life. With the support of my family, teacher, classmates, and friends, I knew although this disease was going to ravage my body for the rest of my life, it wasn’t going to touch my attitude. As you can imagine, this was a tough adjustment for my family, friends, and I, but we got through it together.

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